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WPF Kaizen: Remora Pattern aka Attached Behavior

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Once in a while every WPF developer would need to add extra behavior to one or more view elements.

For example we might be required to:

  • Scroll an item of the list box into view based on some logic
  • Auto select textbox text on it’s click event

In such scenarios we could write code-behind event handler but that it would not be the ideal solution if we use MVVM pattern.

As a workaround Ben Con suggested Remora Pattern which allows us to attach the behavioral logic to any view element – the logic is defined in a separate class and is hooked to the view element via attached-dependency property, any time the dependency property is set/unset the respective behavior logic is invoked.

Advantage of this pattern:

- behavior logic is well encapsulated in a separate class and is easy to maintain

- the behavior could be attached to one or more type of controls

- we  could invoke/route/reuse commands

Check out Josh Smith’s article on attached behavior to learn more.

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May 30, 2011 at 5:38 pm

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